Pomp and Circumstance

Mommy's Girl

Big Smile, She was SO proud

Waiting on everyone else to get their "diploma"

on the way to the stage

...what a princess...

Thanks Ms. Norma!

After the "diploma"

checking it out

"Sara" Jane's Graduation Program

So sweet, what a girly-girl I have

Singing LOUD

This little light of mine

Saying a little prayer, so sweet.

So there I was... Sitting on the front row next to my best friend in an auditorium where my little one would have her preschool graduation. I was reading over the program (-that they spelled her name wrong in, it's saraH-), looking at all of her little speaking parts and admittedly getting a little nervous for her. I sent her dress, her hairbow, and her little white shoes and socks with her that morning... her teachers got her ready. I stopped by the candy store and picked up a bag of treats for her... Christy had beaten me to the flowers. Ms. Barbera sent a sweet card for Sarah Jane... everything was all ready. So Christy and I talked about the program a bit and then they opened the curtains and there she was... sitting second from the left all dressed up and ready to go. I saw her search the crowd until she saw me. The biggest smile came across her face and her little hand went up to wave. She blew kisses and I gave her big smies and a thumbs up from my seat. She saw my camera go up and smiled so big... Then she stood up, she had the opening line. "Welcome, welcome, welcome to our program tonight.. Welcome you! Welcome You! and Welcome you too! She did a wonderful job. I was so proud... but then on her way back to her chair, she did a slight bow holding the corner of her dress and blew a kiss to the crowd. It was totally impromptu --- it was classic Sarah Jane. Everyone giggles and I loved it. I didn't get a picture, but it is one of those moments that you don't need a picture to remember.

I won't force you through a step by step walkthrough of the ceremony... but there were a few songs sang, she counted to 100 by 5's, said the lord's prayer, and got her "diploma" with pizazz, of course. But as I sat there, laughing and smiling and being so proud... for some reason, I just wanted to cry. I don't know exactly when she got to be a "big kid." --- but one thing is certain, she is. Most all of the signs of "baby" are gone. She is opionated, and matter of fact... She is girly and fabulous... she is very smart and talented... and NOTHING gets past her. Her sense of humor amazes me, her musical interests baffle me, and her giving heart is humbling. I don't remember life before her. I think that I was born the same day she was. --- and i know that this is just the beginning... from here, the road is endless. Suddenly, she can stand alone in the shallow end of a pool, she wants to wash her own hair, she can get her own glass of water, she can buckle herself in the car -- and get in and out on her own, she counts to 70, she knows what CD to put in... I could go on and on... all these things are new. I always said that time won't fly with us... I would savor every moment, but yet... it has flown despite my efforts. Her tiny little crocheted slippers don't fit anymore, no matter what I do --- and she probably wouldn't wear them if they did, because then she would "look like a baby."

This transition to Alabama has been difficult for her. To say the least, It's been a big adjustment.... but being there that night, watching her in her element, knowing that she was happy there, watching her with her new friends... holding their hands and laughing about silly 4 year old things was refreshing to me. After the ceremony She gave me a big hug... and then was ready to go ... "I want to go play with my friends." Things are on the way up. In August she starts "REAL big girl school" ---And although I am excited about our future, I can't help but want these next few months with my "baby" to last forever. Here's to the summer... and trying to put off the Fall. :)

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