Finally Friday

.This is love.

.She really was this happy.


.Getting the new bling.

.Jess and Ely.

.Jess, Keagan, Seryna, Desiree, and Ely.

. I love this shot.

.No editing here, the sunet really looked like that.

.Dance with me.

These are some pics that I finished up this week. They are some one my favorite that I have ever gotten. I can't show you these without telling you that these are some of the most amazing people that I know, their story would blow your mind. I promise you that this is love in it's purest form. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to capture it. These were taken at their 10th anniversary vow renewal ceremony a few weeks ago.

As for me, This has been an interesting week. I am in the process of trying to lose 30 pounds in three months. I've been doing this for almost 2 weeks now... It sounds pretty easy, right? -wrong. I love fried food... love it. I love dessert... love it. I love pasta..love it. BUT I have been eating vegetables for lunch, and healthy choice 300 calorie meals for dinner. I drink nothing but water and have cut out putting salt on anything. To be honest... I have slipped a few times, but nothing ridiculous. Also, I have been aiming for 300 sit-ups/crunches a night... I usually make it to just about 200 before I feel like I am going to die. Point is.. I really should be able to see some kind of results by now... but so far - nothing (that i can tell anyway). Now, don't get me wrong... I'm definitely not one of those people that think that you have to be thin to be happy. I certainly don't feel that way. But I do think that it would be nice to be able to wear a halter top, or even a sleeveless shirt for that matter... without being paranoid about my arms. Or it would be nice to not have to spend hours and hours shopping for a pair of jeans. ...you get the point. I'd like to be a healthy 8. So.. I guess now that I have told all of you about my plan, I have to stick to it. I would love any suggestions that anyone might have... very low calorie meals, exercise tricks, etc. It's easier to e-mail things like that --- jaybhouston@yahoo.com

I am going to Albany this weekend to visit some friends, Will post more when I get back.

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Dana said...

Beautiful pictures as I would expect nothing less. Suggestions on the losing weight... Clueless here. Unless you want Sarah Jane in a cast. Carrying Emma around in hers took off 5 lbs. I know you and your determined spirit. You do anything that you put your mind to. You'll do it! And I'm with you on the healthy 8. As long as I don't have keep buying clothes, I'm good.

Well, I hope to see you soon! I love you