Christmas Book Advent Calendar

Back in November, I began my search for the perfect Advent Calendar.

 There's nothing like counting down the days to Christmas with your little ones! When I was a kid, we always had the fun ones that were made of cardboard or paper and when you punched out the number, there was a piece of chocolate inside. With SJ, we had a felt one shaped like a Christmas tree with a wooden candy cane that you could place inside of each number... with 24 being the star. But, it still wasn't my favorite and I knew there had so be something better. SO, I set out on a search --- a google search, and I am so glad that I did! While I was searching through page after page of great ideas, I stumbled across this one and I KNEW it was perfect for us.

I had stumbled across http://www.babyccino.com/ before, but only once or twice - and ever since I stole found this idea over there, I have been a faithful follower!

Their idea is simple --
Find 24 Christmas Books
Wrap them in simple paper
Label them 1-24, alternating book sizes
Open and read one a day during the month of December until Christmas Eve.

Here is the picture that they have on their website:
And HERE is a link to their post, including some of the books that they used.

Since I am cheap a bargain shopper, I waited until after Christmas when all the books would be on clearance to start my book shopping. We'll have a blast with this in December of 2011.

Here are the books that we found:
I plan on wrapping these up and packing them away with all of our Christmas decorations. That way, they'll even be a suprise to me next year as we're opening them, b/c I know I won't remember which book is which. I will wrap them in brown wrapping paper - and I will add the labels next year. Also, I don't think that any advent calendar is comeplete without some kind of candy, I'll probaby tie a candy cane into my label bows.

I went with several different kinds of books b/c next year I will have to cater to an almost 2 year old and an 8 yr. old. (that sounds so weird!)

This one might be my favorite, I don't think that I have ever seen a more detailed pop-up book! It's the one in the picture that is titled The 12 Days of Christmas.

But the most special book in the whole bunch is this one:
 When we cracked it open to read it this year on Christmas Eve, I smiled when I saw this:

So, before I wrap these up - I will be sure to write inside each and every one of these books the date, and who they were from (if someone hasn't already) - so that years from now, my kids will smile too.

If you want to make your family a book advent calendar (why wouldn't you?), there are TONS of places that still have Christmas Books on Clearance (I didn't pay more than $5 for any of these books) --- and several places online. 

Happy Book Shopping!  

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