1 month?

WOWZA! My last post was a month ago?? Sorry, people - I totally lost track of time. This has been an insanely crazy month -- I don't even know where to start!

I guess I will go with baby news first...

Raleigh was SIX MONTHS OLD yesterday! I honestly can't believe that half a year has passed since my little angel boy was born - He's an absolute joy and I don't know what I ever did without him in our lives. But even though he's the sweetest little pumpkin on the planet - he's still a handful! He's ALMOST mastered sitting up and he's going to take off crawling any day now! He's rolling in every direction and scooting around. Between those two modes of transportation, he doesn't have any trouble getting where he needs to go! He says Momma, Dada, HEY!!, and Whoa (just today). His face lights up at the very sight of Sarah Jane and she can make him laugh with no effort at all. We are completely done nursing (thank you sweet baby Jesus!) and he's handled it so incredibly well --- which, I had no doubt that he would. He's loving applesauce and green beans and we plan to add a few new things to his diet this week.  He's totally outgrown almost all of his 6 mo. clothes and is now in 9 mo. and some 12 mo. -- which stinks, b/c all of his precious little Christmas outfits are a size 9 mo. I plan on at least getting a picture made in them before they're too small. Here's a pretty recent pic of my little chunky monkey:

In SJ news - she is LOVING the first grade. I am so amazed at how much she has learned already. She is reading anything that she can get her hands on and she is excelling at math. She's quite into fashion and she loves all things music (suprise, lol) --- Her artistic skills are really shining through and she has patience for small, tedious things... unlike me. :) She's already got her 7 yr. old (WOW!) birthday party all planned out... right down to the party favors (she HAS to have a plan) --- and she's already started on her Christmas list. Recently, she decided that she wanted to get her hair chopped off, so I rushed her right up to my fave hair-dresser and took care of that. I didn't know that when I did it, she was going to look 3 years older! Here's a pretty recent pic of my sweet SJ:

As for me and George - we've got TONS on our plate right now. A few months ago we started a Facebook Page for Click hoping that it would speed business up a little... well, little did we know, that it would completely jumpstart our business. Click has turned from a side project/hobby to a full time job! We're loving every minute of it, but we are still trying to find a balance. I spend most of my time after the kids are tucked in for the night glued to a photoshop screen and George makes budgets, plans gigs, keeps up with the calendar, etc (in addition to running the local running club here). It's definitely ROCKING! We also have a website and blog if you want to check those out.


On a more personal level - this past month has been one that has shaken me to my very core. To be honest, I have started to write a post on here more times than I can count and I have deleted it every time.

In my short 25 years of life I've seen more death, pain, loss, and heartache than most people will ever see in their lifetime. When I was 8 years old - I lost my Grandfather, my Daddy, my Aunt, and my Grandmother within 6 mo. of one another. In high school, I lost a friend in a tragic car accident. Post high school, I lost a dear friend from high school at the hands of a drunk driver. This past Christmas, I watched helplessly as someone that I loved more than life suffered daily for months until she finally lost a battle with lymphoma. Death and I are not strangers to one another - not even close. But, I can say in all honestly that I've never been shaken like I was in this last month. A friend of mine went in for what should have been a routine procedure and never came home. I know that things like this happen all the time, I get that - I really do --- but, what I don't get is this: I believe in a God that can move mountains, a God that listens, a God that loves. Well, I did. Susan had people praying for her ALL NIGHT LONG --- and when I say people, I am talking hundreds of people, hundreds of wonderful "righteous" people -- and God pretty much slapped them all in the face. I still haven't recovered from it and I still desperately want some kind of explanation. I know I won't get one. I know "there's a bigger picture that I can't see." I'm the youngest of 7 preachers kids --- so I know, I know, I know. I have heard it all. I don't care. It sucks and I'm still angry about it.

There, that wasn't nearly as poetic as I would have liked it to be, but it's honest -- and  it's where I am.


In other news, we're trying to decide on a vehicle upgrade... and by upgrade, I mean more space... but I don't want a car with a 3rd row that i can't access easily. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I guess that about sums up our life right now - Raleigh is growing, SJ is learning new things every day and George and I are so incredibly busy trying to find a balancing act!

Hopefully it won't be a month before my next update! 6 mo. picture of my Raleigh man coming soon!

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Leigh said...

Well I am glad I started following you! :) And as far as your kids they are beautiful and you are incredibly blessed and I am super excited to be working with you for my wedding and everything else pictures!! :) As far as the death goes, there have been many times that I have questioned that myself and sometimes we need to question stuff to dig deeper and challange us. Trust me I question stuff like that all the time....but on a lighter note I suggest a honda pilot....my sister just got one and it's super roomie with a 3rd row that is hidden til you need it and then it's pretty good and comfy for those of us that always get stuck back there :) Ok there is my novel for you!