What a Super Kid!

Sarah Jane did her 3rd Superkidz triathlon this morning. She's a trooper! She woke up early, got everything ready and did a very good job. She fell off her bike and ran the entire run with a skinned,bleeding knee! That, my friends, is one tough kid! Her Daddy and I were so VERY proud of her! She finished 3rd out of the girls in her age group. Here's a video that George put together of our morning:


The Mom-tage said...

That is a superkid!!! We're so proud of you Sarah Jane!!! And can't wait to hang out at the beach!

We love you!

The Ellis Family

Jay said...

OH I am SOOOO ready for the beach. One more week!! Woo-hoo!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


Dana said...

Came to see if you've posted anything new and to tell me that you're out commenting everyone that comments on my blog so I have deemed you my most loyal friend eva!

I love you!

Once you get to the beach and scope things out, let me know if there's anything you need me to bring that you didn't think of until you saw it.

Jay said...

ha! I'm not trying to earn a place as #1 in your blog commenting section, I just have a baby in my lap 24/7 and the internet is my only connection to the outside world... :) I am SO ready for the beach and SO ready to see you guys. It's been too long - I think I have everything, but if I see something missing, I will def. let you know! See you soon!! :)