In the spirit of Mother's Day...

A little over 6 years into this whole parenting thing, It's still so strange to me to think of myself as a "Mother" --- I don't have "Mom" hair or wear "Mom" jeans. I don't always do the right thing, like "Mothers" do. I fumble, I speak before I think ALOT, and I certainly don't find joy or self worth in cooking and cleaning - you know, like all those "Good Mothers" do. In short, I certainly don't fit the "Mommy Mold" --- you know the mold that I am talking about --- and you all know people that fit it, or well... at least I am sure that you know people that do a really good job of making you think that they fit it. If "fitting the mold" should be my goal... I'm probably falling a bit short. But, I'm not the only one. I know lots of Mommies that aren't "typical" Mommies - and I am so incredibly thankful for each and every one of them that God has put into my life, especially the ones that I am lucky enough to know in person, but also the ones that I keep up with in the blogosphere!

You can get to know a few of them HERE by becoming a member of this site. Also, while you are there, sign up for their Giveaway and be sure to take part in their book discussions.

Also, You can check out the brilliant minds behind this wonderful site Here and Here.

And maybe it is just me, but I think it's about time someone started working on a new mold..


Dana said...

I always say, If you can't fit it, break it!

Thanks for posting! And thanks for being a real mom.

I love you

Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

That was so sweet! Thanks for doing that. And congratulations on your newest addition!