This year for Halloween, George and his Brother had tickets to the "World's Largest Cocktail Party" a.k.a. the GA/FL game.
Being that Halloween is one of my VERY favorite days of the year, I was pretty sad that he was going to miss it (especially since this was out last Halloween with just our Janey Girl)--- but since he willingly let me host my bestie's 30th b-day party at our house a few months back, I was okay with it. I thought it was a fair trade.
However, when the plans were made -- I am sure that neither one of them were taking into account the fact that Houston baby #4 was going to be born right around that time... SO, when Max made his grand entrance to the world, the trip to the game was postponed until further notice.
: )
Needless to say, George was home for all of our Halloween festivities and we had a GREAT time. Plus, with the outcome of that game --- I am pretty sure that he isn't sad about missing it.

Here are some pics of all the fun:

Carving Pumpkins:
The Fam:

The Finished Products:

A Little "scary" Girl:
On Friday night before Halloween, we got to go to a fun Halloween party at a Friend and Co-worker's house...
Don't ask what my costume was, I am not really sure. It's pretty hard to come up with a costume when you are preggers. George was a Vampire, He Bit me.. That's all.
Although, in my head I like to think of it as our Edward/Bella costume... he will disagree. But it is very coincidental that I am preggers and he is Hot like Edward... I'm just sayin'.
My Costume idea was for George to go as a Priest and me go as a Pregnant Nun... he thought that it was inappropriate... Oh well. We had a fun time --- and with the money that we saved on buying the costumes, we went to Mikata for dinner.... and you can't beat that!
Here is Sarah Jane as Hannah Montana with Superwoman, Alex Russo and Pebbles!

Me and Catwoman:
Hannah Montana..
(Don't judge me. Sarah Jane loves HM and to be prefectly honest, so do I)
Every Year at Halloween a few of our friends get together on Halloween Night at a friend's house and load up for a Trick or Treat Hayride through her neighborhood:
The Whole Gang:
SJ and Rock Star, Katie Beth:
Hannah Montana and Robby Ray:

George looks so creepy in this picture:

We also went to a GREAT Fall Festival, but like a Dum-Dum I forgot my camera. There were tons of games set up, lots of great food and plenty of good friends. It was a blast! I'm really sad that I didn't get any pictures!
We had a great time this year! I'm so glad that my hubby was home to enjoy it with us. It wouldn't have been the same if he was out of town.

SJ has already told us that next year she wants to be a Vampire! Maybe I can change her mind by then...

Speaking of vampires... 16 more days!!!!!!!

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