Here we go:

I don't really have any words other than, We did it!
I sent my Janey- Girl off to school. Not pre-k, not day care, but SCHOOL.
I know it sounds cliche' - I know it has been said a million times, but My How Time Flies.
It's hard to believe that this is my baby:
Sometimes, this is how she feels about pictures!:

Check out those new glasses:
and NO I didn't pay too much for that lunch-box. Thanks to Vera Bradley's mailing list- I got that for $10. I know, be jealous.

On the way:
Rounding the bend:
..and after hugs and kisses (YAY for her not being too cool!) she was safely inside.
Right after this picture she cried for just a minute, but after that all was well!

When I picked her up yesterday, she was SO excited! She told me all about all of her friends from her old preschool that she got to see and about some fun songs that they sang. She is ready.

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