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You know what I Really Really Dislike??

1. I really really dislike standing in the dressing room, trying to squeeze into pants that are a size too small and hearing this coming from the teenager in the next room over...

"MOM!! (whining) These are an Extra Small and they are still too big..."

To her I say this: SHUT UP! Shut up, Shut up, ShutUP! Seriously, keep it to yourself. Just go get your clothes from the kids section, slap them onto your obviously way too thin body and then go grab some McDonald's!

2. I really really dislike getting to church late. Granted... I will be late for my own funeral, but I HATE being late for church. I hate those stares that you get when you try to quietly slide onto the back row. You know the ones I am talking about. Those where-have-you-been, bet-you-were-out-late-last-night stares. I want to stand up in front of everyone and say... No, I am not late for any scandalous reason. I am late because I get frustrated every time I try to get dressed and then after I finally figure out what I want to wear, I fight the battle with my five year old who suddenly refuses to wear anything in her closet..Petty excuse? Maybe... but By the time we make it over all the Sunday Morning hurdles, you guys are halfway through the second song... and if you were paying attention to church instead of paying attention to me being late... you would have never seen me slip in. So THERE, Take THAT... you late-for-church-starers.

3. I hate this question...
"When are you going to have another one?"

Every time I hear it I want to scream. LOUD.
Some people only have one child. Some people space their kids out 10 years. Some people have 15 kids and then don't take care of them. Some people get themselves so far into debt having kids that they don't know which way is up. Some people choose to never have kids.
Why is it such a big deal that I have a 5 year old without a sibling, yet? And why do people assume that they have any right to say anything about it to me... espcially people that I don't know. I really don't see everyone's big deal. I mean seriously, I hear that question ALL the time. Daily. And I know that most people really do mean no harm... but it is so repetitive...I hear it from friends, from semi-friends, and even from complete strangers!! True story:

Just this past Sunday, I was in the grocery store part of Wal-Mart (read=worst store ever) minding my own business in the drink aisle when Here comes this chick (and her SIX, yes... 6 children under 10 - 2 of which are screaming bloody murder and she doesn't even notice) down the aisle filling her extra buggy with various drinks. She notices me and my SJ, who is begging me for more juice-boxes when we already have a month's supply at home. She said... Oh, she is so cute! and asked me how old she was. Sarah Jane, being the shy one that she is (right!) quickly said "I am 5" -- and the lady looked at me and asked me if she was my only one. Sarah Jane answered for me... and then the lady said --- By the time my oldest was 5 she had 3 siblings. You need to get with the program!

TRUE STORY! Who did that chick think she was?!? I just laughed. But I wanted to say... well, I won't say what I wanted to say. But it wasn't very nice.

Now, please don't take any of this the wrong way. I love kids. I really do. I think that ALL children are a blessing. And if it strikes your fancy to have 10 kids and name them all names that start with the letter Q, I am okay with that... I am even happy for you, that isn't my point. I know how much of a miracle every. single. child. is. It's just the nosey-ness that drives me nuts. And I am not even talking about people that say DO you want more kids... it's the WHEN that annoys me. Like it's a duty.

Do I want more kids? Yes. Do I know an exact date of when that will happen? No.
Even if I did, Is any of that anyone else's business? NO.
So there. I have said it. whew.

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Dan Denardo said...

So when are you going to have another one?


We have one child, and we're blessed that we do. We tried for 5 years (had a couple mishaps along the way) and thought it would never happen. When it happened, we felt like it was a miracle. And on top of it, he was born on MY birthday. I don't think that was a coincidence.

In any case, you are blessed to have SJ and I know you guys know you're blessed. Let that question go in one ear and out the other. God will let you know IF and WHEN the time is right. (in my humble opinion)
- D2