"Mommy...we live in a Zoo"

Those are the words of Sarah Jane today on our way home..
Right after she said
"Mommy, we live in a Zoo" she then preceded to tell me "You do realize that we have 10 pets right?"
Thanks for the math, kiddo.
But she is right... we have 3 cats, 5 kittens, a fish, and NOW... we have a DOG!

I talk about my Jane Girl on here all the time... but I recently realized that I have never officially intrduced any of you to my 4-legged and my finned kiddos.
Here is a bit about the rest of the family:

This is Simba. He is our oldest pet. George and I got him for Sarah Jane when she was 2. She loves him... he is such an easy-going, fun-loving cat. I call him "old man" --- He has a raspy meow and he is definitely the Boss:
This is Henry. He came along about 10 months ago and I love him dearly. He is the most adventurous of all the animals in our Zoo, sometimes going on 2-3 day long adventures before returning home. To me, he is beautiful and the most unique cat I have seen:

This is Henry's sister, Olivia. She is such a sweet girl. She is the most affectionate of the bunch and definitely the most needy. She loves attention and purrs when you even look at her, she is also the Mommy to the little guys in the next picture:

Two weeks ago, Olivia gave us these little guys. This is Sarah Jane's first time seeing kittens, it has been so fun wtaching her learn all about them, everyday they do something new:

A few posts down, you can read all about how this guy came to be... he is something else. He is the only fish that I have ever seen jump out of a fish-bowl and bite the finger of a 5 year old. This is Champ, our mean Beta fish:

Meet Luke:
He was found abandoned on the front porch of a foreclosed house in Troy, AL. The people that had him just left him there. He is absolutely precious. I fell in love with him the moment I met him. He's 2 years old and trained so well. I am looking forward to the life that he will bring to our family.

Oh, and no worries... all of the cats are outside babies.


Dana said...

Hey, at least she's referring to the animals and not the people. We live in a zoo and not one of our animals have four legs.

Dan Denardo said...

Now THIS is a family full of life! Bravo, Jay and George!

Anonymous said...

Those kitties are adorable and I LOVE LUKE!!! I wouldn't mind living in your zoo! They are all so cute!! :)