Everyone loves Free Food!

If you have a PF Chang's in your town, or within driving distance for dinner... you will LOVE these Lettuce Wraps. They are my favorite thing ever!
And They're free with the purchase of any entree' at P.F. Chang's with this coupon from now until June 14!

Click on the picture to enlarge it, and then print it off and take it in to your local P.F. Chang's!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Sounds yummy & I've never eaten there so I'll have to check it out!! :)

Ron said...

I've never tried PF Changs....but its definately on my list. I heard its not authentic, but its "different."

Jay said...

Ron! You HAVE to go, it's delicious. --- I am sure that it's no fried cow eyes, or something of that sort like you are used to, but it is definitely as good as it gets. To me, anyway! :)

The Lettuce Wraps are their signature thing, they are fab.

Stephanie said...

YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! I love these!

T H A N K Y O U !