Sarah Jane was in a wedding this past weekend in Alabama. I am not sure if it was the fact that she didn't know hardly anyone there or if she knew how to work me... but at the rehearsal dinner she had a slight nervous breakdown that resulted in this conversation:

Janey: (standing at the back of the aisle about to go down)*CRYING HYSTERICALLY*
Me: Sarah Jane, what is wrong? You've done this before. It's a piece of cake!
Janey: I don't want to do it, I don't want to do it
Me: Janey! Dry it up, this is no big deal... you just walk down the aisle and drop the flowers. You'll stand beside Ms. Melanie and you will be gorgeous. Stop crying, you are not hurt!
Janey: I don't want to, Mommy! (still crying - huge.alligator.tears)
Me (in my last attempt at saving the rehearsal): Sarah Jane... if you can do this without crying, I will buy you a fish.
Janey: Stops crying.

And now... we have Champ:

I think I got hustled.

On another slightly different note... Please notice Sarah Jane's hair in that picture at the top. Isn't it lovely? She did it herself. She wants to do everything by herself... and while I am HUGE on her being independant, I am not so huge on this Hairdo! :)


Anonymous said...

That is too funny! I would have done the same thing only you're a good mom because you follow through and actually get your child the fish! LOL Her hair is adorable and looks way better than mine anyway! :)Enjoy Champ!

Charlotte said...

Thanks for stopping by!!! Love your blog and your work! So adorable!!! I have a friend that sews and she made that dress for me! She's super talented!

Tara said...

LOL!!!! oh girl...you got hustled! but hey at least she's adorable right??? and you've got a great fish! ♥

thanks for dropping by my blog!


She is so cute! Im loving her hair:):) You did get hustled:):)

Dana said...

yeah, I'd say you got worked over. But hey, at least you were smart enough to promise something that doesn't make much of a mess.

And the hairdo... So much better than the ones Emma gives herself. The other day, she came in with a side ponytail with some sort of feather sticking out of it and was begging me to let her wear it out that way.