and I thougt I loved you then:

This past week, Sarah Jane got to be a flower girl at an old friend of mine's wedding. She had a blast! The wedding was beautiful --- and so was my Janey Girl!

Goin to the chapel:
Ever since Sarah Jane was old enough to talk, she has said that she wanted to marry her Daddy. I am in LOVE with this picture:
I had to post this one of her little minus two teeth grin:
My beautiful girl:
Like I said, the wedding was BEAUTIFUL:
A family picture!! :
Me and my GORGEOUS hubby:


The Tri Runner said...

that was a fun weekend. you got some very good pictures!

i love you!

Hales said...

Jay, you all look precious! My favorite is the one where George and SJ are "getting married" :)
What an amazing picture! You could sell that!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is adorable!! And I love the pink sash on her dress! :D It's my fav too! Your blog is so cute and I enjoyed reading! Thanks so much for entering my first giveaway! :)

Dan Denardo said...

Wow. Special stuff, Jay. I'm glad you don't live by me. You'd be WAY to much competition. Hmmm. Those words sound familiar.


Jay said...

There would be no competition, I would concede. :)

and then get you to take our family pictures.