5 and 1/3

If you ask Sarah Jane how old she is... she will tell you that she is 5 and one third. --- I didn't tell her that, so I am not exactly sure where she got that from, but I think that it's the cutest thing ever.
So, here is Sarah Jane at 5 and 1/3!


Ron said...

Too cute! Sounds like she'll be a math wiz! I hated fractions when I was younger.

Jay said...

ugh, me too! I don't know where she comes up with this stuff. Thanks for stopping by, Ron!

Dana said...

Cute! She's so grown :(. Tell me again the dates that ya'll are going to be here. Also, we're going back to Six Flags on May 25th (memorial day).

Jay said...

--- September 27th is the BIG race. He is super excited, and I am Pumped to see you guys.

I wish that we could make it to Six Flags this time-- BUT my sweet niece (Myki)and Nephew (Aaron) are graduating from high school (DOES THAT NOT BLOW YOUR MIND?!?!) that weekend and I will be up there for all of the graduation festivities.

Every single weekend in May I have something going on -- but NOTHING in June, so let's plan a trip sometime that month! It would be SO fun!