William Ronald Bullock, James Lee Fallon

Meet the Child Molestor that lives around the corner.
That's right... one street over.

and just when you think that's bad... it gets worse:
Meet the Child Molestor that lives on my street.
My address is 148, his is 160.

If you live in GA, you can check your area


Anonymous said...

That's terrible. I live at 140-A and it's scary to know who lives around us. I have two small children and it really makes you wonder what the world is coming to. I'm glad I read this though, so I can atleast look for those people to stay away from our children. Thank you.

The Tri Runner said...

I'll be glad when you make a few more posts. I'm tired of coming to your blog and looking at these two creeps.

Dan Denardo said...

These dudes are the lowest form of life. This reminds me of when I heard Rob Bell say that "God loves ax murderers, too"...I still struggle with that one. I don't know if anyone can convince me that he loves child molesters. In fact, maybe these creeps are the devil.

Jay said...

I am definitely with you on that one, Dan. It's something I will never understand, nor do I want to. --- and as far as how God feels, I like to think that we serve a just God and in time, they'll know exactly how he feels about it.

I certainly don't think that they should be allowed to live in public. --- or on my STREET!

Dana said...

That settles it, you should move here. There are like three cops that live on our street.

The Colorful Photographer said...

I HOPE they roast in hell for what they do. Who in the world heard of a CHILD molester? This world is comming to an end! I mean, i heard of people molesting adults, but children? My God, have mercy on this world...please.

The Colorful Photographer said...

You do not have to be scare even to the most evil of all evil, becuase God is in your life, with a shield.