Sarah Jane's 4th Daddy Daughter Dance

When Sarah Jane was 14 months old George took her to her very first Daddy Daughter Dance. Ever since then, it is something that she looks forward to all year. I'm not exaggerating... ALL YEAR. This year, we bought the dress 2 months in advance and Sarah Jane hid it from George. She didn't want him to see it... how funny.

On Wednesday I went to my favorite flower shop, The Albany Flower Market, and asked sweet Miss Mary for to get a corsage together for George to give SJ... she gets one every year, and LOVES them. While I was there I also picked up a few extra matching flowers and took them to my very talented friend, Lee and she made a hair wreath out of them for her hair. Yesterday at about 3:30 we went to see Lee (who is also the bomb of a hairdresser) and she got Sarah Jane all fixed up (with her "updo" that she decided she wanted) and her fingernails too! She felt so special... Here is a picture of the first time George saw her:

Even though Sarah Jane has said all week that she wanted to eat at Wendy's... she changed her mind last minute and decided that she wanted to go to Mikata, my very favorite place. So after all these pictures were done... that is where they headed.

Can I please just tell you how sexy my husband is in this picture?:

While they were dancin' the night away, I went to dinner and a movie with 3 of my girlfriends... On my way home, I had 2 different messages on my answering machine from Sarah Jane telling me that she loved me, but that her and Daddy were running away to Las Vegas to get married and didn' know when they would be back.

This morning she has already started talking about next year!


The Undomestic Army Wife said...

Those pictures are amazing!!!!

Tony and Susan said...

awe HOW SWEET!!! sarah jane looks just like you!!

Tammy said...

Those turned out great! I know she had a blast!

Anonymous said...


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