Can I Just brag for a minute?

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So I pick up Sarah Jane from school most days... and occasionally there is a homeless man/hitch-hiker that we pass on the way... well, the other day she noticed that we hadn't seen him in a while. Our conversation went a little like this...

Sarah Jane: Where is that man that doesn't have a house?
Me: I don't know, babe... maybe he found a new place to live.
.... that seemed to suffice, but then about 3 minutes later....
Sarah Jane: Mommy, why does God let people be homeless?
Me: Well, Sarah Jane - I don't think that it is nec. God. I think that sometimes people have circumstances where they just can't make things work and that is..
Sarah Jane (interupting me): Well, I think that God makes homeless people to teach people like us how to be nice and how to share with them.

Hmmm... big concept for a little girl.

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Dan Denardo said...

Your little one is going to grow up to be an amazing servant. Gee, I wonder where she gets that? Maybe Mom???