Sometimes I think that I could really be living in a real life version of The Truman Show.

Sometimes I think that I want a dog. and then I change my mind.

Sometimes I lose all patience.

I have boiled eggs for lunch... and I'm okay with it. I love them.

Sometimes I think that the thoughts in my head are written all over my face.

Sometimes I pretend I'm a rock star. Mostly when I am alone in my car.

Sometimes I wish that I could go back to High School and do that all over again, just completely differently.

Sometimes I watch the Disney Channel, even when SJ isn't around.

Sometimes I think about moving.

Sometimes I think that I like it here... and then someone gets found dead and naked in their car at Wal-Mart.

Sometimes I think about having more kids.

Sometimes I wish that I had finished college.

Sometimes I wish that Sarah Jane didn't inherit all of my personality.

Sometimes I try to stop biting my fingernails. and then I start again.

Sometimes I wear flips flops on the coldest of days.

Sometimes I really miss my Mom... and if I think about it too much, I will cry.

Sometimes I am jealous of my sisters because they live so close to her... right there in the same town.

Sometimes I write poems.

Sometimes I take pictures of random things.

Sometimes I kiss George while he is sleeping to make up for all the ones I miss while he is awake.

Sometimes I call him and pretend I had a reason.

Sometimes I lose things (okay, most of the time...).

Sometimes I talk to my Dad like he can hear me.

Sometimes I think he really can.

Sometimes I read Cosmopolitan all the way through, twice.

Sometimes I look at Sarah Jane's baby pictures and cry.

Sometimes I have nightmares.

Sometimes I am a great cook.

Sometimes, not so much.

Sometimes I get the PERFECT shot.

Sometimes I forget my age.

Sometimes I go shoppping when I have nothing in particular to look for.

Sometimes I do old cheerleading dances with Sarah Jane.

Sometimes I spend hours on facebook and myspace...

Sometimes I actually sleep all night.

Sometimes I have my laundry done, but most of the time... I don't.

Sometimes I catch my self laughing when no one is around.

Sometimes I go through 5 different outfits before settling on one.

Sometimes I think about learning to ride a Motorcycle.

Sometimes I take naps and bubble baths.

Sometimes there are frogs all over our door. bleh.

Sometimes I cook for my cats when George isn't home.

Sometimes I want to completely re-decorate my house.

Sometimes I dream about only taking pictures.

Sometimes I wish that Sarah Jane was still 2.

Sometimes I am glad she isn't.

Sometimes there are things that I wish I could take back.

Sometimes I have open-mouth-insert-foot syndrome.

Sometimes I don't say enough.

Sometimes I doodle random useless things on paper repeatedly.

Sometimes I count things in sets of 8.

Sometimes I try to lose weight.

Sometimes I look at the clock at 11:11 for days in a row.

Sometimes I make it church on time.

But just sometimes... not all the time.


The Tri Runner said...

and Sometimes you write good posts... j/k

Tammy said...

Your thoughts are written all over you face! So true!