I did it for you, Honey.

This week my sweet husband decided to take me on a date. He had it all planned out... he asked me on Monday, made plans for Nana to babysit (Thanks Nana), and took care of everything else. So last night we got all gussied up and went to eat at a place here in town that I had never been called "The Catch". It's a pretty upbeat/modern place for Albany... and I liked it. After dinner the plan was to go to the movies and see Yes Man... but as our luck would have it, it was already gone from our theatre. So, we grabbed some 3D goggles and went to see My Bloody Valentine. It did all the things a scary movie should do --- There were even times that I just couldn't even look at the screen. I watched the majority of the movie peeking through my hands. When the movie was over --- we just didn't want the date to be over. So we went to Logan's and got a brownie... all his idea. Those were my favorite when I was pregnant with Sarah Jane --- It was sweet that he remembered that I loved them. After all that --- you would think that I would be happy for a while. But this morning I woke up FEUMING mad at George and our friend, Ben.

Let me tell you why.

I have the most vivid dreams sometimes while I'm sleeping. Last night was no exception. It started like this...

We were hosting life group at our house on a Sunday night. (for those of you who don't know what that is... it's a thing that my church does where small groups of people gather in various homes on sunday nights for dinner to discuss the sermon from that morning on a more one-on-one type atmosphere)... Anyway --- everyone was there, except George. We were trying to get started, but I wanted to wait on him. When he finally shows up... he was pushing a baby stroller. Might I add that it was a very very cute stroller, way cuter than the second-hand one we had with SJ. Everyone was so excited to see the new baby, like the baby was supposed to be there... like it was expected. When I looked at the baby (that was still wearing the hospital bracelet)... it looked like a little baby George and the hospital bracelet had George's name on it. Hmmmm.... I was obviously not the mother. I was so angry. But I obviously couldn't yell or get mad with everyone in our house, especially since it was a room full of church people and they all seemed so happy about this baby. So George and I went outside to "discuss" this. His explanation was... Honey, I did it for you. I know that you would like to have foster children and adopt and we just can't do that right now financially... so I have been trying to get people pregnant so you can have the kids. If they are mine, I can just have the custody and medicaid will pay for these people to have the kids. Problem solved. WHAT?!?! I was livid and i was probaby screaming some things at him that aren't publishable on blogger... Then Ben (one of my BFF's husband) came outside to check on us. When i explained what was going on He totally sided with George. He was trying to be a voice of reason as to why this was okay... and that he totally understood why George did it. Somewhere around there is where I woke up. I laid in bed for a long time before I got up... My face was on fire! I had to cool myself off. When I finally did see George... I had to remind myself that it was just a dream and that he had been nothing but precious... I don't know where I come up with this stuff. I have been so jumpy all day.

Tonight Ben and Dee will be at the house for dinner. We're gonna' throw a few steaks on the grill and play a few rounds of The Newlywed Game... but, Ben better watch it. :)


On Another note... don't go to pyzam to try to change your blog background. It will delete everything but your blog entries and you will have to start from scratch with all of your side-bar entries. It's a great place to go if you are just starting out on blogger, or if you want to start over from scratch over there... but I didn't. So, I learned my lesson.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Here's to hopefully a dreamless night. :)

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