Christmas 2008 was GREAT!

I couldn't pick just a few pictures... so I picked Alot of them. Here are some of the high-lights from our holiday:

Daddy was opening up The "reindeer food:"

Sarah Jane was waiting patiently... with Olivia:

We had to cover the WHOLE yard:

I hope Olivia left some for Blitzen and the gang:

After Dinner, Nana and Sarah Jane played a few rounds of Hungry Hungry Hippos:

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time --- We are so lucky to have had another Christmas with Grandbubba:

Making Cookies for Santa:

We did Chocolate Chip:

Daddy, Sarah Jane, the cookies and the carrots for the reindeer:

Goofing off under the tree:

Reading "The Night Before Christmas: --- to hear the whole story, see 2 posts down:

This is how she slept, at the foot of the bed. She was anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival:

The Tree:

All the cool stuff Santa left:

Santa had to move the fireplace screen to get in:

Sarah Jane checking out the cool house:

I really was excited about my new Metal spatula:

Sarah Jane was lovin her new Apron set:

This was the sweetest thing... Sarah Jane colored almost every picture in this book and the put it under the tree for me. It was all her idea, and she worked on it for weeks. I had no idea that she had done it...What a sweet sweet and thoughful girl:

George and his GU:

My beeautiful new Necklace that I LOVE:

Sarah Jane had lots of fun helping everyone open their gifts:

All the kiddo's:

George and his Firewood:

Dan'l and his cool Apron that George MADE for him:

I married a Hottie:

Me and Genna-Bean:

Look at that FACE! :

All the kiddos again:

Apparently Uncle Dan liked the crown:
George was super excited about his new "onesie" (tri-suit):

George and the Cutest baby girl I know:

Cousin-ly love:

Sweet Sam:

Christmas this year was a blast, as you can see.
The day after Christmas Sarah Jane and I took a trip to Tennessee to hang out with my family... and guess what I did?? I didn't take a camera. (ME... OF ALL PEOPLE!!) --- SO, I don't have any pictures of the last week. But we had a blast there too.
We are looking forward to the upcoming year and making alot more memories just like these.

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