10 Random Thoughts and Happenings from Mrs.Houston

1. Everyone that knows me knows that I LOVE Christmas... and gifts, and buying gifts, and wrapping gifts, and giving gifts and all things Christmas related. But...I am more excited about this Christmas than I have ever been about any other Christmas. Ever. Maybe it's Sarah Jane's age, maybe it's the magic of the season... maybe it might have something to do with I am overwhelmed with how incredibly blessed I am. I don't know. I am just so excited. 4 MORE DAYS! Sarah Jane made a christmas count-down thing at school... we are all so excited everyday when we get to take one more link off the chain... it's SO close

    2. My favorite tennis shoes broke. I am so sad. I was going to wear them to Disney World. Now I will have to find a replacement. Which stinks b/c they were already broken in. ugh. Oh well... I am complaining about what shoes to wear to DISNEYWORLD!!

    3. I got an e-mail that said I had a new myspace message. So...I tried to log into my myspace account this morning and it said.... Your account has been locked out for 15 minutes due to excessive failed login attempts. Except...It wasn't me that had been trying to log in. How freaky. When I did log in after the 15 minute wait... I had a message that said myspace had deleted my profile player due to copyright violations. I had the same player on my myspace that I have on here... I hope they don't delete the profile player from Blogger!!

    4. I am going to my Mom's the day after Christmas. I am very excited. I hope to head home on Tuesday morning... That is George's Birthday. I can't wait to ring in the New Year with George. New Year, New start, new memories. :)

    5. This morning at church we sang O Holy Night... the whole song. I had never heard the whole song, and if I had, I never paid it any attention. I love this verse :

    Truly He taught us to love one another;
    His law is love and His gospel is peace.
    Chains shall He break for the slave is our brother;
    And in His name all oppression shall cease.
    Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we,
    Let all within us praise His holy name.

    Isn't that beautiful?

    6. I got my Hubby the best Christmas presents ever. Hopefully he got everything on his list and then some. He deserves it.

    7. Speaking of church and George... I HATE going to church alone. I know this sounds insane and it is really all in my head. I just feel like when I do go alone people automatically think that things are bad with George and I and he must be at home. Before, that is what would happen... we would argue, he would stay home. So now... I think that is what people are thinking. (I should be like... who cares what people think??... but I'm not) When in all actuality... he is just working, or recovering from a really hard training session. It's just hard to be "that couple" --- you know, the one with that can't seem to get it together... the one that is "recovering." --- UGH. Sometimes I think that it would be easier to live where we knew no one. Where we could just be George and Jay, not *whispers* ---"that's George and Jay, they just got back together and they used to fight all the time... how long do you think it will last?" Like I said, it's in my head. It's just paranoia. But sometimes I am not so sure. Either way, we're better than we have ever been. I have never been more in love with my husband. We're in this forever.

    8. George has lots of big races coming up this year... Of course I am looking forward to the Disney one. But he has some things going on in other places too. He is going to run the Breast Cancer Marathon in Jacksonvill, FL on Valentine's day weekend... Does anyone know of anything to do there? I lived there for a few years, but we moved when i was in the 1st grade so i don't exactly remember anything about it. We need to make some sweetheart days plans in an unfamiliar town. I am also pretty pumped about The Music City marathon in Nashville (not just b/c it is another excuse I get to go see my Mom) --- but b/c lots of big Country artists play at this race. Apparently it freakin' rocks. Also, I am pumped about his Triathlon at the beach... and yes, this is b/c it is an excuse that i get to go to the beach.

    9 In 2009, I want to become more organized. This isn't me declaring that as my NYR, it's just me stating a fact. I am so unorganized. I lose EVERYTHING. I spend more time looking for my keys than I do driving... well, not really. But you get the point. I would like to filing system for my pics, all those aforementioned pics to be in albums, my drawers to be organized... a place for things. I think that is an attainable goal. As for an NYR... I am really thinking about doing a P365 with pictures. But again, this will require organization and commitment. Two skills with which I am lacking.

    10. Speaking of commitment... I think that I have a really hard time with saying no. I have always been a yes person. In fact... i have actually heard people say "Ask jay, she'll do it." --- Not anymore. I lost out on a lot of good times and fun things b/c I had overcomitted myself. I have other things that I need to devote my full attention to (my growing daughter, my husband, my job, my family...) --- So lately I have been making it a point to gracefully not commit myself to anything other than those things. I mean, I am not saying that I don't commit to an occasional lunch date or trip to the movies... but anything long term and consecutive no longer comes anywhere near first to me. I like it this way. It's been great.

    So there you have it... haha. Things that I think about at 11:30 at night when everyone in my house is fast asleep but me (the insomniac).

    I hope everyone has a VERY Merry Christmas!!!


    Tammy said...

    Sorry about your tennis shoes. I hope you find some more soon. I just got a new pair yesterday!
    I'm so sorry you feel like "that couple". That can't be fun. I am so glad you two are doing so well. It shows! You both seem so happy and show your love to each other and don't care if anyone sees. I love seeing your family thriving!
    I hope you have a great Christmas!
    Love you!

    Dana said...

    I understand what you mean to feel like people are whispering. Maybe not about my relationship with my husband but I've definitely had that feeling. And, honestly, they probably are whispering about you.. but I don't think they are whispering what you think they are.. They are probably whispering something like, there is Jay, I wonder if George is sick. They have overcome so much. Most people can't swallow their pride enough to say they are wrong after things have reached a certain point. But, their love for each other and for God must have been stronger than even they knew because it brought them back together. I think they will probably experience a stronger love than most of us will ever know in our marriages because they actually got themselves out of the way...

    Confession: I've whispered about you several times lately. To people that you don't even know. But I think that it's been words that you would be proud to hear. Not too long ago, I read something on your blog that made me think, hmm, maybe we all need to split up from our spouses for a while. I don't actually want that to happen. But, if we could actually catch a glimpse of what it would be to live without each other, then maybe, we would could understand.. Anyway, that particular morning that I read that (I'm an insomniac too and I was up at like 4 am), instead of getting on with my day, I crawled back in bed and wrapped myself in Adam's arms and laid there and thanked God for him.

    I hope that one day, you see yourselves as "that couple" that is an inspiration, even for those of us that knew you as kids ;).

    I love you!

    and weirdly enough, My word verification is "stocker". Scary huh? ;)

    Jay said...

    ... i LOVE you.