WARNING: If you haven't seen Twilight yet, don't read this.

** Seriously, I am going to talk about the whole movie... so unless you don't want to see it for yourself and make your own comparison, come back after you have seen it :) Plus, You probaby won't know what I am talking about and think that I'm nuts.

Overall, I really liked the movie... a lot. However, I was disappointed in a few things.

  • They didn't do a very good job of explaining the Cullens and the Quiletes fued. George, who had never read the book, didn't know what was really going on with it.
  • They made Eric out to be a sort fru-fru character. I didn't picture him that way in the book. I guess that all comes down to perception though.
  • I don't remember 2 people dying before James, Laurent, and Victoria showed up at the
    baseball game.
  • I wish that Edward would have played the lullaby more and that it would have been at least pointed out in the movie.
  • I don't rememer there being any tree climbing..

But I thought everything else was fairly accurate. The Fight scene in the ballet studio was just how I pictured it. The characters were perfect with the book description... I loved them. Edward dazzled just like I thought he would. The storyline, with a few very very small exceptions was followed very well. Overall, I give it an "A"... or four stars, or whatever kind of rating means excellent on the movie rating chart. ;)

I can't wait for New Moon to come out!!

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