Soles for Souls


My shoe fetish is no secret. I have more shoes than I will wear... some of them I haven't worn in months. In keeping with, "I am blessed to be a blessing"... I am going to clean out my shoes and give them to These Guys (that is their blog). George and I are also going to do this (re-worded, but taken from the website) :

Starting today, Soles4Souls will be launching the 50K in 50 days Charity Campaign.

I am trying to help them spread the word to help raise money to buy 50,000 pairs of shoes in just 50 days!

The best part - $5 buys 2 pairs of shoes! It takes under 2 minutes and only three clicks to make a donation. So if you think this is something you can do...five bucks, three clicks and two minutes for 2 pairs of shoes, just visit http://www.50000shoes.com/.

More importantly, this can only happen if you spread the word...so please forward this on to your families, friends and colleagues.

Also, every person who donates on the site will be entered in to win a trip to Mexico to hand deliver the shoes they bought to families in need. Imagine handing a child their very first pairs of shoes!

You can check out the organization's website, HERE or in my link list on the side of my blog page. If you have any old running shoes, or shoes in general... this is a great way to dispose of them.

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