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We had an eventful weekend... trips to the park, the pumpkin patch, the bowling alley, Target and Nana's with 4 kids ranging in age from 5 months to 5 years. Here are some pics of the fun!
These are pictures of Saturday when all of us went to Mark's Melon Patch. We played dunk-tank, walked through a spook house, climbed on pumpkins, ate boiled peanuts and peach ice cream, rode a hayride, ran through sunflowers and kept up with 3 kids... it was a blast! :)
Katy and Cole:
Dan (George's brother---as if you can't tell), Sam, Katy, and Cole:

My Janey-girl:
I am not sure why we were laughing, but we were having fun:
i LOVE LOVE this picture: Classic:
The family:

Sam has a great arm:
I didn't actually catch it, but COLE dunked the guy. Here is his "Thumbs up!" - he was hillarious, what a trooper. (it wasn't exactly hot outside)
You can't go to Mark's Melon Patch without some boiled peanuts:
Apparently these pumpkins are better than the pumpkins at Wal-Mart.. the ones at Wal-mart are 3 bucks, these are closer to 10. ---But aren't they pretty!


Every year we go to the Pumpkin Patch just the three of us. Here are a few pictures from our family trip:

She fits right in:

On the tractor:
This is my reaction at her height too:
Walking with Daddy, she is so BIG:
Acting like a scarecrow:
Something in the sunflowers was funny:
The flowers were BEAUTIFUL!
ALL of them:
These Pumpkins were interesting, I thought:

We went to Webb Park on Saturday afternoon. Sarah Jane loves to hang out with her cousins, Cole and Sam. Cole and Sam also have a new baby sister (Genna), but she isn't quite old enough to have any fun at the park. She had fun at home with Grandbubba. :)

Cole (5):
SaM (3):
and Janey-bug (4):

Spiderman Sam:
Cole, (Isn't he cute!) :
Sam on the Merry-go-Round:
And here is our bowling trip. I wish that I could bowl, I just can't. I don't know why.
Sad truth about the bowling trip... EVERYONE beat me. (yes, even the kids)

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