A little while back I tried to leave an anonymous comment on my friend, Tammy's, blog. To my suprise, she sent me an e-mail later that answered my anonymous comment (it just said something along the lines of "update please") ---Point is, she had sitemeter... checked the time of the comment and the visitors on her page at that time and totally called me out on my sneakiness.
So I added sitemeter to this blog, just out of curiosity. I don't check it that often (mainly b/c i just forget that it is there) But, Everytime I check it I get visitors from these random, off the wall places (no offense to these people that live in the aforementioned "random - off the wall" places :). I just think that it is so cool that I have gotten visitors from Alaska, Australia, China... on and on. Today I had Canada and Dublin, Ireland. Anyway, Just think it is so neat. If you don't have sitemeter, you should add it. :)

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Tammy said...

You never replied to my email about that. That's pretty funny. I did call you out on it and it was fun. Thanks for keeping up with my blog and wanting updates when it has been too long. I love reading yours and am so glad you're back in Albany!