2 down, 2 to go.

Book 2: New Moon - COMPLETED
I had heard that Book 2 was the least interesting of the saga, but it held my interest well enough. With book 1, I picked it up and couldn't put it down. I finished it in it's entireity in one day.
I tried to span this one out over a week or so, it didn't exactly work... it took 4 days of my spare time. There were some definite twists that I didn't see coming and some things that I knew would happen before I turned the cover. All in all, I was pleased with it.
My FAVORITE Quote from the book: "When I said I didn't want you, it was the blackest kind of blasphemy"
I have to read the last 2 in the series before the movie comes out. I am not sure if the movie is going to strictly be based on the first book, or the saga as a whole. SO, in an effort to avoid a spoiler... My goal is to have the whole saga read before the movie debut (just in case). If the movie is just based on Twilight, then that means that there will be 3 more movies to follow, which is rare. What do you call a 4-part movie series... not a sequel, not a trilogy... a quadiligy?... I have no idea, but I would be there... to see all 4, probably more than once. :)

On another note... "when it rains, it pours". (haha)
Here is what is going on:
  • Our Well- pump broke and had to be replaced
  • Our Air Conditioner is leaking...again.
  • Roto Rooter has to come and "clear some lines"

...and I don't have a JOB yet...

Not that I haven't been looking, I HAVE. Just no luck... I am more than confident that something will come along, it's just stressful right now. SO, please keep your fingers crossed for me:)


Dana said...

And why does it always happen this time of year.. It's been raining on me too! Car repairs, termite bond, doctor bills.. At least gas prices are going down right?

Love U!

Jay said...

That's true, under 3 bucks here...woo-hoo!

Love you too!