I asked Sarah Jane this morning if she knew what today was. She just went right into the story...
Quote of the Day:
Some years ago 2 planes flew into buildings, a lot of people died. It was a very bad day. The firemen and the police officers in New York City were very brave but some of them died trying to save the people in the buildings. I am glad that I live here in America. Firemen and policemen and doctors are very brave people.
I asked her where she learned about it and she said that her teacher had been telling her about it. It's weird that something that is still so real in my mind, is just a story to her generation --- like Vietnam and World War II is to mine.
Her class took lunch to the firemen here in Greenville today, here are some pics from the morning:

It was a fun day. I hope one day she understands the sacrifice made by these people.


Tony and Susan said...

that IS so weird that it was that many years ago. what sj said was so sweet! very cute pics!!

Jessica said...

I love that SJ is learning about 9/11!! When I read this it made me cry, it really touched my heart!
If only most adults appreciated our FD and PD like the children do!! :) I only wish I could do more! There is so little awareness and appreciation in Greenville!

JAY said...

I know, it's amazing to me the long hours and the dedication that it takes to do a job like that...I complain about my 8-5 hours sometimes. Not to mention the time that it takes away from their families and the sacrifices and risks involved with the job as well. Even here in Greenville it is a HUGE responsibility... I can't imagine an even bigger city.