There's a stranger in my house.. not really.

So I did it. I registered my "baby" for Real School. (www.fortdale.com) She is SO exited! I cried while I filled out the papers and she jumped up and down. Her first day is August 14th... and if you know my child, she HAS to be prepared. We are going tonight to get her school supplies:
Baby wipes
Clorox wipes
2 rolls of paper towels
plastic spoons
1 box Kleenex tissues
1 box of 1 gallon Ziploc bags
1 box of sandwich bags
She already has her outfit (complete with shoes and bows and princess panties) laid out in her room for the first day of school. She even has the 2nd day laid out too, believe it or not. I ordered her little backpack and matching lunchbox this week, it will be ready on Saturday. It's Pink and White seer-sucker with a lavender sHj monogram. I took her shirts to the monogram store just a little while ago... (*money saver: Instead of ordering the $28 dollar monogrammed T's from Kelly's Kids, I get solid color Tees from Wally World for $3.50 and have them monogrammed for $5. It saves me $20 per shirt. Also, Target--- my favorite store ever--- has GREAT shorts for under $5) I guess that everything is ready.... but me. I AM NOT READY FOR THIS.
I really never thought that this would actually happen, I mean.. I knew that it would, but it never registered with me. Where did my baby go? Since when does she not need my help going up the stairs? Since when does she pour her own glass of lemonade? Since when does she button her own pajamas? Since when does she want to do her own hair? Since when does she know how to work all of the electronics in our house? ---- Seriously, this feels like it just happened overnight. I am excited about the little person that she is becoming, it's everything I wanted and more... I just wish that time would not move so quickly.
I have heard that this is the beginning of the end... that after this, I will wake up tomorrow just in time to help her get ready for her wedding. My prayer is that I can take it all in... slowly.
In the Meantime, Go FDA Eagles.

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