I got ink

Sarah Jane and I took a little over-night trip to the beach this past weekend. We had LOADS of fun and did all kinds of things in a really short time. All too often I miss out things b/c I am behind my camera trying to get pictures, so I made it a point to leave the camera behind and take in the moments this weekend. After the rain finally stopped we went out on the beach and built sand-castles and jumped some waves out in the ocean. We also dug a hole and then Sarah Jane climbed inside of it. It was hillarious. She was buried up to her neck. After we had enough of the beach, we played in the pool for a while, it was a blast. Then We got all dressed up for our beach pictures... and then it started to rain again... so since we were all gorgeous and everything...we went to a nice dinner at Bonefish. We drew letters and flowers and hearts all over the paper tablecloth, it was great. After dinner we went and got henna tattoos... Sarah Jane called it "ink"... she thought that was so cool. I did manage to get some pictures of the tattoos.... After the tattoos we rode go-karts... while we were riding go karts I looked over at Sarah Jane... she had a bewildered look on her face, but she was smiling. I asked her if she was having fun and she looked up at me SO BIG and said "Mommy, I feeel JUST LIKE Lightning McQueen." It was so adorable. Then we hung out at the hotel and watched a little Disney Channel before bedtime. The beach was a LOAD of fun and I can't wait to do it again... next time, longer.

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