I'm learning more and more about me.

My name is Jay, yes I know that's typically a boy name
I'm 23 years young
I tend to think I have a slight case of OCD
I was born the same day my daughter was
I know an amazing guy, isn't that hard to believe?
I'm Pretty Spontaneous
Don't take it personally if I correct your grammar
I love the little tiny town I grew up in.
...not a big chocolate fan...
I take pictures of everything
Yellow tulips are my favorite
I have a thing for birds, can't explain it
one day, I am going to get a tattoo
something small
I actually enjoy Disney movies with my little one
I have 6 older brothers and sisters
Cell phone; lost without it
I'm incredibly easy to talk to
I love being sarcastic, don't take it personally
I have morals, standards, and expectations... they are all very high
Ignorance gets on my nerves
Music = my antidrug
I am very, very impatient, but I'm working on that
I tend to be a bit opinionated at times; sorry in advance
I'm tired of trends
I think blueberry pancakes are delicious
I hope there is a beach in Heaven
I like to write, even though you'll never read it
I check postsecret EVERY sunday
I tend to have trust issues
I would rather be -Jay, Sarah Jane's Mom- than vice versa
I love my job
My family & friends mean the WORLD to me
..I'd be lost without them..
I'm very simple, but it takes a lot to win me over
I have the biggest ♥
I could care less what you think of me, I'm just me
I enjoy my big family
I could watch The Notebook everyday
Want to see me smile? -- say "Dubya". ha.
Want to see me cry? -- talk about Invisible Children
I have had the same best friend since elementary
I don't think I could make it without her
I NEVER make promises I can't keep
I never walk away from something I care about
I sing ALL the time, I don't really care if it bothers you
I speak my mind freely
I HATE .drama.
I can't bowl
or rollerskate
Loyalty & Honesty are very important to me
I believe in MIRACLES & even second chances
but not third chances.nope.
I am pretty open-minded
I am a "Tommy Girl"... always will be
I'm going to do something extraordinary with my life
I can't wait to find out what it is.
On a deserted island: I would take a hammock, a phone, and a book
I am a Preacher's Daughter
I have no regrets
mistakes happen. learn from them.
As complicated as I am; I'm not that difficult to figure out

I've been told that I'm a certifiable Dork
You won't find many songs that I can't quote, unless they're by some jam band
i adore my mother
John Mayer gives me chill bumps, I don't really know why
If I can't do it right, I don't do it
I could eat 500 Nestle Turtles, they're so good.
My favorite time with Janey is right when she wakes up in the morning
I have more shoes than I will ever wear
I don't Hate George
I don't like hypocrites, even though I can be one myself at times
I am not sure about churches here, I can't seem to find one that "fits"
I'm scatter-brained
I laugh at the dumbest things, sometimes even when I am all alone
I dance while I cook, even with no music
My favorite thing about me is my hair... even if it never cooperates
I have a weakness when it comes to people in need, especially children
I can't say no, even though I probably should sometimes
My mother is an amazing cook, I get it from her.
I want to go to heaven
Becoming Jane is my absolute favorite movie of all time
I's like to go to Australia, But I am going to Disney World first
I miss Westwood
I have to be in the frontseat or I'll get sick
Tom Petty, yeah... I love him
Paul Simon too.
I can sew
But I can't smock very well
I bite my fingernails... I have since I was a kid, I can't stop.
Laundry is my nemisis
Pocahontas is my favorite of the Princesses
I never wear my glasses. bleh.
I usually have the radio all the way up
I'll always be on Janey's side. always.
I really do mean it when I say that she can be anything she wants to be
My Biggest Flaw: I judge people before I give them a chance
A Few Fears: Bridges, Knives, Spiders
Ah, and that's all I've got right now. More to come.

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Wendy & Michael said...

Hey Jay,
Somehow I ran across your blog and realized that we have a friend in common - Christy. She is in the Sweet Lucy Supper Club with me. I'm going to add you to my friends list so I can keep in touch with you and your cute little girl!

Wendy Smith